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Day in the Life – Kathryn Taylor

Ever wondered what it's like to be a Digital Marketing Assistant? Follow a "day in the life of" Kathryn in this latest post from Leadership Trust.

Meet Kathryn Taylor, the Digital Marketing Assistant for Leadership Trus. Shehas been working with us for two years. Find out what it’s like to work for a leadership development organisation in the UK countryside in this latest blog in the series. 

I start my day at…around 7 am, and like any teenager, I start my day by having a scroll on social media and replying to any messages that I have.

I then log into Spotify and put on one of my favourite albums as I get ready.  Currently on replay is Louis Tomlinson’s album, Walls, I would explain it as a kind of Indie pop, heavily influenced by artists such as Oasis and Arctic Monkeys…. I know, I know… Not exactly everyone’s cup of tea!

When I start my day, it’s usually by checking my emails and make a list of what I want to achieve that day. I am not the best morning person, so whilst logging on, I like to spend the first 5 minutes or so really thinking about what I want to achieve each day.

Today, I am working on the promotion for our Women in Leadership series. It is a monthly series of live webinars, specifically covering and celebrating women leaders. It takes a deep delve into some of the leadership myths that they have busted, and the challenges they have faced and conquered in the workplace. Incidentally, we had our June episode yesterday, covering “Embracing the Unconventional”. Today I’m spending time editing the video so we can publish it for replay. I’m also putting together some collateral to advertise the recording and transcript after the event. It’s been great to see such a positive response and see so many people engaging with the series.

Back profile of Kathryn Taylor, Digital Marketing Assistant at Leadership Trust

At lunchtime… I tend to try and go outdoors for some fresh air and a change of scenery. I’ve noticed that since remotely, from my home,  unless I make a conscious effort I can be indoors all day. So I try and switch it up – with walks around my local village, or popping into town quickly. I’m lucky. Living in Herefordshire, in the UK,  there are plenty of interesting and beautiful places to explore.

In the afternoon, I am writing some content for both social media and our blog. We like to have content go out regularly. I keep the platforms up to date with topical leadership insights and thought pieces.

One of my favourite parts of my role is… that it allows me to tap into my creativity. Personally, I like thinking out of the box, and seeing and taking a concept from being an idea into a fully finished product. I love seeing the steps it has taken for the idea to come to full fruition. I am currently about halfway through my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with the company, so it’s been really useful to see the steps taken to build a successful campaign from start to finish, and how to relate it to Leadership Trust as a whole.

Image of Herefordshire Countryside

My day normally ends with me… referring back to the list I made in the morning and ticking off what I have achieved. I then make a note of what I didn’t have time to complete and set it aside for the next day. I then log off and go meet my family (normally in the other room since I’m already working from home!). We catch up on one another’s days and then either mum or I will make dinner. Surprisingly, I’m a really good cook, and haven’t set the house on fire yet!!!

If I were in an alternate universe and I couldn’t be a Digital Marketing Assistant at Leadership Trust, I think I’d like to work as a Paralegal. Back when university was one of my choices, I considered law as one of my options. I just wanted something a bit more hands-on and to use my creativity and learn on the job, so this seemed the perfect job for me.


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  1. Tin

    June 18, 2021

    I’m happy that I start my day the same way as a self proclaimed teenager! Very much enjoyed your day in the life article


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