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Remote Leaders
and Teams Series

The Remote Leaders and Teams Series (RLTS) was designed to help both team members and leaders who have been thrust into an unprecedented remote working situation. It’s a unique programme that delivers experiential learning virtually, with the aim of linking the quality of team communication with the quality of team relationships and the quality of performance.

Our programmes are demanding, and focused on developing self-awareness, self-control and self-confidence. They create an intense and immersive environment, enabling default behaviours to appear. Participants are able to understand the impact of their behaviour, and are fully supported throughout the process.

How does the programme work?

This fully experiential programme runs online and is perfect for global teams. During the programme delegates will participate in team health checks, weekly facilitated online sessions and coaching sessions. The weekly sessions include blend team-based project challenges, facilitated review, ‘CD inputs’ and team discussion to connect the implications of the ‘micro experience’ with the overall purpose.


Experiential Learning

This isn’t a ‘taught’ course. The Remote Leaders and Teams Series cannot be taught via a textbook, rather, it has to be lived, to be experienced via engineered experiences.


During the series your team will:

  • Unpack how they are currently communicating and how effective communication is for team learning.
  • Learn the importance of communication for relationship-building and identify strengths and weaknesses in how they’re currently relating.
  • Understand how to maintain the learning collaboratively in business as usual.
  • Adopt a catalytic mechanism to help increase performance.
  • Grow self-awareness and develop self-control, ensuring that new learning is practised on return to the workplace.
  • Develop more effective approaches to work-based challenges, questioning organisational “norms” and identifying new ways of improving performance.


Benefits of the
Leadership in


  • Benefits for Your Organisation

People who are more self-aware, challenging but supportive, open, honest, and in control.

Teams who work more effectively, step up and perform under pressure.

A business with improved productivity, a sense of empowerment and responsibility, and everyone contributing to their maximum ability.


Frequently Asked Questions

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