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Leadership Trust believes that in order to lead others, you must first know yourself. This is a fundamental belief that is at the heart of every leadership development programme we have created.

Leadership in Management is a five and a half-day residential programme built on experiential learning methods. It has been painstakingly tailored to provide programme participants with a safe, immersive environment. During the programme, participants experience increasingly complex and challenging situations after which they’re encouraged to give and receive open and honest feedback to enable real growth and learning.

How does the programme work?

During the Leadership in Management programme, participants are put under pressure throughout the week in order to allow their default behaviours to be exposed.

Throughout the programme, participants are encouraged to both give, and receive direct and honest feedback. Through this method of experiential and open learning, everyone is able to take key learnings away with them which can be applied both in their professional and personal lives, to the benefit of themselves and those around them.


Experiential Learning

This isn’t a ‘taught’ course. The Leadership in Management programme cannot be taught via a textbook, rather, it has to be lived, to be experienced via engineered experiences reflecting the type of challenges faced by today’s leaders within the workplace.

The programme:

  • Develops self -awareness, self-control and self-confidence.
  • Provides a psychologically and physically safe pressurised environment in which to explore the impact delegates have on others.
  • Gives participants the luxury of time to explore root causes of their behaviours.


What is a typical day like on the programme?

Each day of the course is unique depending on the group of delegates on the programme. Whilst it may follow the same template, the individual needs and personalities of the delegates create a unique environment each time the Leadership in Management programme is run.

Expect to be put through a continuous cycle of pressure and feedback in order to learn what makes you a good leader and which areas you could still improve in.

You won’t find our daily schedule on the website. The ‘unknown’ element of the programme is part of what makes it so successful.

We will say  that the programme is designed to be accessible to all. There are some physical aspects to the week, however, you are not being judged by your physical aptitude during these challenges.

Benefits of the
Leadership in


  • Benefits for You
  • Benefits for Your Organisation
  • Develop skills and resolve for future challenges
  • Increase your self-awareness, resilience and confidence
  • A greater understanding of your own personal power and the ability to harness it to lead
  • Appreciate how effective you can be
  • Have the ability to bring individuals together
  • Inspire greater effort from employees
  • More effective collaboration,
  • Ability to assemble teams with a stronger purpose and vision
  • The activation of leaders more likely to innovate, think bigger and beyond themselves
  • Serve customers better, increasing the value of your customer relationships

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a physical impairment, can I participate?

    Yes,  you can participate in our programmes. Leadership Trust strives to be adaptable and inclusive to each delegate’s individual needs. Please talk to a member of our team when booking so we can discuss and learn of any specific requirements.

  • Is this programme only for executive level positions?

    You don’t need to be an executive to join our programmes. Leadership in Management is inclusive and open to all. Whether you are in your first management role or 20 years into your career, you will still discover a lot about leadership and your personal leadership style during this five and a half-day residential programme.

  • I would like to upskill my department’s leadership development. Can I book my entire team onto the course?

    By all means, you can book your entire department onto the course. We would recommend you send them on different dates if it is a particularly large team. Alternatively, we can offer a bespoke programme specifically for you. Feel free to speak to a member of our team to find out more.

  • I’m currently breastfeeding, can I bring my child with me?

    Whilst there are currently no specific childcare facilities, you are welcome to bring your child and a responsible adult to care for them whilst you are on the programme. Please let our team know of your intentions when booking so that we can be sure to accommodate your needs.

  • How many people will be on the course?

    The programme will run with a cohort of 22 participants.

  • Will I need any specific products to participate?

    You won’t need any specific kit, though a list of recommended clothing and footwear will be provided before you attend. Some activities will take place outside so sturdy footwear and outdoor clothing will be required.

  • What do I get with an ILM accreditation?

    Any delegates purchasing an ILM certificate receive:

    • ILM produced Certificate of Attendance
    •  6 months min Free access to ILM Studying membership (up to 12 months available), the usual cost of this normally costs over £100 per annum
    • Access to over 50 ‘e’ learning topics and a host of relevant learning resources online via the Member Zone

If your question isn’t answered in this section, feel free to contact us via email or phone where a member of our team will be happy to assist you. Email us on

Course Timetable

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