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Become a more confident leader through coaching. Coaching through Leadership Trust is a challenging, confidential experience suitable for individuals at all stages of their career.

Why use Leadership Trust for coaching?

Leadership Trust Singapore has a large network of highly valued and experienced coaches based across the globe.
Their wealth of knowledge obtained from working in a range of different industries and roles allows us to pair you up with the coach most suitable for your own needs. Regardless of whether you are new into leadership or a company CEO, we are confident we have the right coach for you.

What will your coach do?

Your coach will:

  • Believe completely in your ability to excel and encourage you to see and learn from your setbacks
  • Create a calm and reflective space, away from any distractions to enable a clearer perspective
  • Enable conversations you might have been putting off
  • Listen intently and without judgement as you talk through your challenges and explore their options
  • Ask  the questions that will provoke new insights

How can it benefit you?

  • It will give you the opportunity to grow self-awareness and develop self-mastery: cornerstones of effective leadership.
  • Enable you to return to the workplace, and perform at your peak, with confidence.
  • The opportunity to have time out from the day-to-day, to focus on what really matters.
  • Raise your sights to tackle big challenges confidently.