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We enable Lifelong Transformation.

We do this by delivering high-quality, intricate experiential learning programmes which generate lightbulb moments, in a safe environment, that reveal potential for people who want to be the most accomplished leaders that they can be.

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At the heart of all our leadership development programmes is the fundamental belief that to lead others, you must first know and control yourself. We don’t teach. We engineer experiences that create an emotional impact, so that learning sticks, and add an appropriate amount of really practical leadership and communication theory.

Leadership Trust programmes are designed to create an intense and fully immersive environment in which individuals are safely exposed to increasing levels of complexity and challenge. This is when default behaviours appear, giving participants the opportunity to explore how the behaviour of others impacts them and, most importantly, how their own behaviours affect others. Reflecting on honest, trusted feedback leads to sustainable improvement in behaviour which can be applied both at work and at home.

Most learning comes from the participants who are discreetly supported by an expert team of facilitators and coaches who work hard behind the scenes and in real-time to create a highly personalised experience for each individual.

We help people unlock their own personal power and use it to the best effect.

We are the trusted partner who delivers success

The Leadership Trust has been delivering high impact behaviour change programmes for clients around the globe since 1975.

Over 80,000 people have experienced our unique approach. Our expertise, experience and values make us the perfect partner to ensure your investment delivers better results faster.

We offer solutions for personal, team and organisational development. Outcomes are driven by the unique requirements of each individual participant ensuring that, regardless of starting point, by the end of our intervention, they are all able to:

• Be true to their authentic selves

• Maximise their personal performance

• Lead with confidence

Organisations who work with us:

• Build leadership capability

• Become smarter and more refined

• Create a unified and positive company culture and a collaborative work environment

• Gain employee commitment

• Have an edge on their competitors

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